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China and Indonesia celebrate ties with art exhibition

By He Keyao (chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-12-04 09:33 Comments

China and Indonesia celebrate ties with art exhibition

Be2sen, by I Wayan Sudarsana Yansen, is on display. [Photo by He Keyao/chinadaily.com.cn]

"Most of the works have an eye on modern life and contemporary issues and we include many pieces from young artists from both countries,” said Tang Bin, deputy director of the Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts and curator of the exhibition.

"How people adjust to modern life, the fast living pace, the pressure, the change of ideology and thoughts... are brought to the center of attention in these paintings," he said.

A string of celebrated artists' pieces are among those exhibited, such as internationally known Indonesian painter SiDiK W MARTowidiojo, and famous Chinese artists Jia Peng and Pei Yongmei.

The event was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, the Central Academy of Fine Art Museum and China International Cooperation Center. The exhibition plans to move to the National Museum of Indonesia in February.

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