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Guo Tao optimistic about 'Where Are We Going, Dad'

Updated: 2014-01-27 13:59 (CRIENGLISH.com)
Guo Tao optimistic about 'Where Are We Going, Dad'

Guo Tao attends premiere of the film "Where Are We Going, Dad" in Beijing on January 25th, 2014. [Photo/CRIENGLISH.com]

The Chinese film "Where Are We Going, Dad" premiered in Beijing on Saturday, January 25th.

The film stars the same five pairs of fathers and their children that feature in the TV reality show of the same name, which has won tremendous popularity among audiences in China since it was released last year.

Guo Tao, who stars in the film, told the press that he was confident with the outlook for the film's box office performance. He hoped it could beat the box office success of his friend and film director Xu Zheng's film "Lost in Thailand" which hit screens last year and generated 130 million yuan. He said, "It's not only a film but also a reality show film. And it is the first of its kind in China. Thanks to audience recognition of our TV shows and based on the current film market, I guess the box office would reach 130 million yuan."

The film was shot in a wild zoo in Guangzhou. When asked about the animal that was most impressive during filming, Guo said it was the mosquito. He said, "We were not fully prepared that there would be so many mosquitoes at the filming site. My son Shitou really could not stand it and I turned to the staff for help to let them get me some materials to cure the bites from the mosquitos."

The film, featuring the cuteness of the children, cooperation among the fathers, and the happiness of all of them, is to hit screens this Friday on January 31st.

Guo Tao optimistic about 'Where Are We Going, Dad' Guo Tao optimistic about 'Where Are We Going, Dad' Guo Tao optimistic about 'Where Are We Going, Dad'

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