China, savior of the world economy

Updated: 2013-08-30 16:19

By HailChina! (Australia) (

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I am confident that China can maintain steady growth even in an economic downturn.

The CPC is innovative and progressive. The CPC seem to be open to all options that will bring gains for the Chinese people. The CPC is even considering the joining TPP trade agreement for example.

The scope for an increase in domestic consumption will ensure that China is a place of productivity and development. The huge population of China makes China a world within itself. China does not need to rely on capital inflows any longer. China has all the human resources needed to weather any future short term set backs. China has a world class National Space Program that is leading the way in many areas. China has built the worlds fastest computer. The Chinese economy is the powerhouse of the world because of the hard work of the CPC and the Chinese people. As long as everyone is willing to stick together then nothing can stop the rise of China. Even when worrying about another USA caused GFC people must take a long view. The western economies are exhausted. There is no room for growth and less and less opportunities for investment.The Asia Pacific region is the area of the world that will see the most growth in the coming years.

In an emergency China could use two clear and distinct currencies. One domestic currency and an international currency. The domestic currency can be controlled by the the state and protect China from the dysfunctional world around it. As long as the Chinese people stick together then Chinese productivity will ensure that China can produce all it needs without the rest of the world. China will not need to resort to this. The world needs China and keeping the door open to the world will be always be good for China.

The strength, stability and work ethic will always ensure that investors are knocking on the door of China.

China can withstand the short term hurt of another GFC better than any other nation.

China is a superpower.




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