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Growth with Guizhou flair

2013-03-13 06:58

Poverty-stricken Guizhou province will push its own style of industrialization and urbanization to realize its goal of building a prosperous society by 2020, authorities said.

Education has become the top priority for Kashgar, a prefecture in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Xiamen, a coastal city in Fujian province, should serve as the pioneer in hosting wholly Taiwan-invested hospitals, a national legislator has suggested.

Hubei sets sights on growth

2013-03-12 06:44

Hubei province is aiming to build China's fourth economic growth area with three neighboring provinces. The move comes as expansion in the nation's three major economic growth centers slows amid sluggish international demand.

Southwest China's Yunnan province will implement a cistern project to tackle the ongoing drought, a senior provincial official said.

Despite annual increases in agricultural output over the past nine years, national lawmakers and political advisors still call for more measures to boost agricultural production.

State revenue invested in technology research and development will be more focused on strengthening basic research and developing science and technology related to people's livelihoods, a senior official said on Thursday.

2nd child possible for more

2013-03-07 07:06

Rural couples in Shanghai, Tianjin and five provinces have been entitled to have a second child if either of them is the only child of their families.

Village official Fan Haitao has met hundreds of government delegations in the two years since his village became a showcase for urbanization reform.

A new government department devoted to food safety supervision and the enforcement of associated standards and regulations is certain to improve the quality of what Chinese people eat, said a senior health official.

Besides posing health hazards, Beijing's notorious smog is taking its toll on people's spirits - at least according to a leading Chinese director.

Party bans extravagance

2013-01-21 20:02

Once lavish fixtures of Chinese officials have all been banned under tough new restrictions to stamp out corruption.

'Lei Feng Spirit' lives on

2013-03-03 08:04

This year marks the 50th anniversary of late Chairman Mao Zedong's call to learn from Lei Feng.

With the annual "two sessions" approaching, China's new leadership has vowed to fight corruption and stick to an ongoing frugality campaign.

The internationalization process of the yuan was given a major boost by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

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