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China ushers in new cabinet leadership

Updated: 2013-03-17 20:54

Speaking about China's macro-economy, Zhang said that ensuring sustainable and healthy economic development and a happy and peaceful life for the people will require top efforts to be made to promote economic structural adjustments, technological innovation and the protection of resources and the environment.    

He also said that urbanization should be carried out in a steady and orderly way, with attention given to ecological environments and resources. "The key to urbanization should be seen in medium-sized and small cities. Large cities should not expand in a blind manner."    

When commenting on taxation and fiscal work, Zhang said the government should be a good "housekeeper" and put the money to good use, backing his points with data, such as China's 2012 fiscal revenues and broad money supply.    

On March 4, when he called on a group of political advisors and joined in their discussions, Zhang vowed to unswervingly support the development of the private sector and of small- and  medium-sized enterprises, as well as to break down systemic barriers and allow private capital to enter key economic domains, such as energy, railways and finance.    

To deliver reforms in a greater depth, one might need to have what Zhang calls "bottom-line thinking."    

"We have to be clear with bottom lines and potential risks, as well as strengthen our confidence while preparing for the unexpected," Zhang said at a CPC Central Committee seminar held in January. "We must transform crises into opportunities and make a good start through wholehearted efforts."    

When leaving office in Tianjin on Nov 21 last year, Zhang said he would still welcome supervision from the city's officials and the general public. "If anybody comes to you for a favor in the name of my family, relatives or friends, please never hesitate to refuse him or her," he told his former colleagues.    

This is something Zhang has repeatedly stressed while working in Tianjin, Shandong and Guangdong. He has insisted on being clean-handed, low-profile and down-to-earth.    

"The value of my work is only determined by the people's opinions," Zhang wrote in an article published by the People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the CPC.    

"We need to be armed with crisis awareness, be pragmatic in our work and be clean. We are from the people and for the people. Without them we would accomplish nothing and should beg their pardon," he wrote.    

Zhang's wife, Kang Jie, was his colleague when they were both working at the Guangdong Maoming Petroleum Company. They have a son, who is a deputy company commander and works at the grassroots level of the People's Liberation Army following his graduation from a military academy.    

Zhang is fond of reading, playing tennis and Chinese chess in his spare time.