Work Report

Highlight of Chinese top legislator's work report

Updated: 2013-03-08 16:04

Experience over five years

-- Keeping to the correct political orientation for the NPC's work.

-- Focusing on the overall work of the Party and country in doing the NPC's work.

-- Making safeguarding the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people the starting point and objective of the NPC's work.

-- Getting deputies to the NPC to fully play their role in participating in the administration of state affairs.

-- Adhering to the principle of democratic centralism and acting in accordance with the law and procedures.

-- Carrying out innovation in the NPC's work by proceeding from China's national conditions and realities.

What to do this year

-- The NCP Standing Committee will formulate a five-year legislative plan.

-- It will continue to deliberate the draft revisions to the Budget Law, the Trademark Law, the Environmental Protection Law and the Land Administration Law, and the drafts of the Tourism Law, the Asset Evaluation Law, and the Special Equipment Safety Law.

-- It will listen to and deliberate reports on thoroughly implementing the strategy for large-scale development of the western region, advancing urbanization, and combating graft and corruption.

-- It will inspect the implementation of the Law on Administrative Reconsideration, the Law on Compulsory Education and the Law on Renewable Energy.

-- It will carry out investigations and studies on strengthening examination and oversight of all government budgets and final accounts.

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