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Highlight of Chinese top legislator's work report

Updated: 2013-03-08 16:04

BEIJING - China's top legislator Wu Bangguo on Friday delivered a report on the work of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People's Congress (NPC) to the first session of the 12th NPC.

Following are the highlights of his report at the second plenary meeting of the parliamentary session:

Legislation over five yeaars

-- A socialist system of laws with Chinese characteristics was established in 2010 on schedule.

-- The system has several types of laws - constitutional laws, civil and commercial laws, administrative laws, economic laws, social laws, criminal laws, and litigation and non-litigation procedure laws - as its core; and consists of three levels of laws -- national laws, administrative regulations, and local statutes.

-- Over the past five years, the NPC and its Standing Committee deliberated 93 bills, legal interpretations and draft decisions on legal issues and passed 86 of them.


-- The Standing Committee listened to and deliberated 70 reports from the State Council, the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate, organized 21 inspections of law enforcement, and held nine special hearings.

Exercise of lawmakers' duty

-- The NPC Standing Committee handled 2,541 bills introduced by NPC deputies. It deliberated and passed 38 laws introduced in 227 bills and are deliberating eight legislative programs introduced in 136 bills.

-- About 76 percent of the 37,527 deputy proposals were resolved or to be resolved, winning content from more than 90 percent of deputies.

-- It invited over 1,000 deputies to attend meetings of the Standing Committee in a nonvoting capacity, and over 3,800 deputies to take part in inspections of law enforcement and in activities of NPC special committees.

-- It organized over 9,000 deputies to carry out investigations and studies on special issues, which resulted in more than 500 investigative reports. A total of 33 study sessions were held on special topics in which over 6,300 deputies participated.

Foreign contact

-- The NPC has a mechanism for regular exchanges with the parliaments and congresses of 14 countries and the European Parliament.

-- It has established 106 bilateral friendship groups.

-- It is a member of 15 multilateral parliamentary organizations and an observer at five multilateral parliamentary organizations.

-- It ratified 39 treaties and agreements between China and foreign countries as well as about China' s accession to international conventions.

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