China's development a 'chance for all': politician

Updated: 2012-10-23 06:38

PARIS - French left-wing leader Jean-Luc Melenchon said China's development was "a chance for all mankind" in recent exclusive interview with Xinhua.

"China, through its rise as well as the relaying of its domestic market, can be a power which will be able to pacify international economic relations by providing the world with a pole of stability," added the co-leader of French Left party and former presidential candidate for the far-left alliance.

In particular, the Chinese shared with Europeans and the French a desire to build "an organized world with balanced and negotiated trade exchanges," he said.

Melenchon called for the conclusion of preferential cooperation agreements between European countries and China, saying it would be beneficial for economic and trade relations.

"I, myself, am an active supporter of a completely unbiased dialogue with the Chinese," asserted Melenchon, conceding there were often vast differences of opinion between Europe and China.

Moreover, the fierce opponent of the European Union's commitment to austerity praised the "pragmatism" shown by the Chinese authorities.

"In Europe and in the Anglo-Saxon world, there is a domination of short-term decisions over long-term strategy," unlike in China, Melenchon said.

"I find it encouraging and interesting to see how planning has been a development tool," he added.

The 59-year-old leader was the star of French politics in 2012 after gaining 11.11 percent of the vote in the first round of presidential elections. Originally a member of the Socialist Party, Melenchon became the country's youngest senator at the age of 35.