China ranks 21st on its own global innovation list 2011-02-25 00:04:43
China ranked 21st in terms of innovative abilities among the world's 40 most innovative countries, according to a report issued by the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED) on Thursday.
Population urged to exercise more 2011-02-25 07:01:39
Chinese people learned on Thursday just how much exercise they should be taking during the coming five years with the release of a set of guidelines for sporting activities known as the National Fitness Program 2011-2015.
Young migrants cause crime wave 2011-02-25 07:57:23
Migrant workers born after 1980 committed a third of China's crimes last year, according to a think tank's analysis released on Thursday.
China expands free pre-pregnancy health exams 2011-02-25 06:33:06
China started the second wave of free pre-pregnancy physical examinations in 120 pilot counties in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions on Thursday.
New program wants everyone to get fit 2011-02-24 17:39:38
China wants everyone to do physical exercises three times a week within five years, according to a new national fitness program issued by the State Council.
Moves on way to aid stability, harmony 2011-02-24 07:42:30
China will take stronger action to resolve social conflicts and ensure there is a harmonious and stable society, says a senior official in charge of public security affairs.
Inflation concerns hit consumer confidence 2011-02-24 07:40:08
BEIJING - China's consumer confidence index saw its second consecutive quarterly decline in the last three months of 2010, mainly weighed down by people's expectations of higher inflation, research by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and The Nielsen Company showed on Wednesday.
Chinese lawmakers to vet car tax, new labor rule 2011-02-23 13:23:58
Chinese employers who withhold wages could become criminals under an amendment to the country's Criminal Law, which undergoes its third reading by China's top legislature, this week.
Micro blogs give people ears of decision-makers 2011-02-23 07:36:18
People with inspired thoughts about how to improve the country are turning to micro blogs to get their message across and decision-makers are using the modern medium to find out what matters.
Public to see if deputies fill seats 2011-02-23 06:48:01
This city's legislature has become China's first law-making body to publish the attendance records of deputies in an attempt to better hold public servants to account.