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China vows to fight police corruption

Updated: 2011-05-06 09:34
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BEIJING - Chinese Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu has called for greater efforts to fight corruption among police authorities and build a clean police force throughout the country, according to a ministry statement issued Thursday.

Meng made the remarks while addressing a national teleconference on the fight against corruption among police authorities here Wednesday, the statement said.

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Stressing that the people's police should serve the people, Meng said efforts should be made to forge an honest and industrious police force to satisfy the public and improve the image of Chinese police, which is a "long-term and critical task."

He demanded that police authorities across the country work hard towards this goal and thus be better prepared to greet the upcoming 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in July.

"More emphasis should be placed upon the investigation of cases, and whoever is found to be involved in corruption will be handled seriously," Meng said.

Meng added that greater efforts should be made to prevent corruption among the police at initial stages and target the root causes by strengthening precautionary education and improving supervisory systems.

Also, he stressed moves should be undertaken to solve those problems in police law enforcement that were deeply criticized by the public and to further improve public trust in police authorities.

"We should improve the standards and rules for the police law enforcement activities, and spare no efforts in preventing their investigations from being affected by personal reasons," Meng said, urging for enhanced transparency of law enforcement.

Further, he said that the fight against corruption among senior officials of police agencies should be stepped up and the systems that govern the selection and evaluation of police officers should be improved.

"Illegal participation of police officers in government-funded materials purchasing and construction projects are strictly prohibited," Meng said.