Chongqing TV ends commercials

By Zhao Chenyan (
Updated: 2011-03-02 15:18
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Chongqing Satellite TV has stopped commercial advertisements and will use the airtime to broadcast promotional films and public service announcements, Chongqing Evening News reported on Wednesday.

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An official with Chongqing Broadcasting Group, the channel's parent company said it will also introduce more programs on news, culture and public services while reducing time given to TV series and outsourced programs, with the aim of providing public TV services and transmitting advanced culture to citizens.

The new programs will cover themes of books, role models from all fields in Chongqing, and a revolution song singing competition.

In order to provide the audience with a good viewing experience, the public services advertisements and the city's promotional films would not be inserted into ongoing programs, but scheduled at break times between two programs, said the official.