Pet bunny sales multiply like rabbits

By Quan Li (
Updated: 2011-01-26 13:44
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The sales of pet rabbits in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province have nearly doubled compared to the same time last year, the Chengdu-based Tianfu Morning Post reported Wednesday.

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As the Year of the Rabbit approaches, sales of anything related to this small mammal are booming. A common domestic rabbit costs only 15 yuan ($2.28) to 35 yuan ($5.32), according to the report. High-grade rabbits like Holland Lop, Angora, and Lionhead breeds are priced at several hundred yuan.

Rabbits that are purple, brown or black in color are expensive but popular among white collar workers due to their rareness, said Tan Nenghui, a local pet shop owner in Chengdu.