Quotes from Wen's news conference

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Updated: 2010-03-15 07:30
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Quotes from Wen's news conference

"I have deep love for this country. I love every inch of its land and every river that flows on its earth. My heart will always belong to my noble hopes and, for this, I would have no regrets even if I died nine times over. With this strong believe, I will continue my work in the following three years."

- Wen says in his opening speech.

"We are opposed to the practice of engaging in mutual finger-pointing among countries, or taking strong measures to force other countries to appreciate their currencies, because such practices are not in the interests of the RMB exchange rate reform."

- Wen says China opposes accusations as well as forceful measures that press for yuan appreciation.

"With the international financial crisis spreading and deepening, trade protectionism has not dissipated but gotten worse. All countries should be fully alarmed by such a development."

-Wen comments on rising trade protectionism.

"I often encourage journalists to visit China's vast rural areas as well as the central and western regions, because I believe that, if you visit those places, you will understand the development of Shanghai and Beijing is not representative of the entire situation in China."

-Wen talks about China's overall situation.

"China's development will not affect any other country. As a developing country, China does not seek hegemony and China will not seek hegemony even when it becomes a developed country. In a word, China will never seek hegemony."

- Wen defines China's international role.

"This year we must skillfully handle the challenges of maintaining fast and steady economic development, restructuring our economy and managing inflation expectations. We must accomplish all three tasks at the same time to ensure a bright future for the Chinese economy. Only in this way can we avert the risk of a double-dip recession."

-Wen talks about China's economic development this year.

"I still cherish a very strong wish to visit Taiwan one day. Chinese history, spanning over 5,000 years, holds strong appeal and is a cohesive force. It shall not be abandoned because of the politics of the past 50 years."

-Wen talks about relations between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. He says he hopes that an ancient Chinese painting, of which half is kept in a museum in the eastern Hangzhou city on the mainland and the other in Taipei's National Palace Museum, could soon be joined together.

"China has been resolute in upholding its sovereignty and territorial integrity even when it was a very poor country."

-Wen explains China's foreign policy.

"I believe Hong Kong will not only enjoy fast economic development in the future, it will also make gradual progress in promoting democracy in Hong Kong in accordance with the Basic Law."

-Wen talks about Hong Kong's development.

"Although I do not have any holidays or weekends, I still enjoy exercise. Sometimes I like to take a stroll or go for a swim to relax in the midst of a consistently busy schedule, in order to keep myself full of energy and vitality."

-Wen talks about how he maintains his health.

"If there is inflation, plus unfair income distribution and corruption, it will be strong enough to affect our social stability and even the stability of our State power."

-Wen expresses his concern over inflation expectations.

"Last year I said I was a bit worried (about the safety of China's assets in the United States) and this year I shall say I am still a bit worried. While the safety of US treasury bonds is guaranteed by its national credibility, I hope the United States will take concrete action to ensure the security of those assets to assure its foreign investors."

-Wen talks about the safety of China's foreign reserve investments.