Wen: Five problems in HK economic development

Updated: 2010-03-14 11:52
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Premier Wen Jiabao said on Sunday in Beijing that there are five deep-rooted problems Hong Kong faces in its economic development.

First, how to fully display its existing advantages to further strengthen its status as a fincianl, trade and shipping center.

Second, to develop its competitive industries, especially the service sector , with its own characteristics.

Third, to fully make use of its geographical advantage to strengthen its ties with the Pearl River Delta and the mainland at large. The huge domestic demand in manliand market is a strong source of potential for Hong Kong's development. 

Forth, the Hong Kong people should to work together to maintain prosperity and stability.

Fifth, people's livelihood issues should be concerned about.

Wen said the 12th five-year plan is based on the planning of nationwide economic development, but the government would take consideration of the economic ties between the mainland and Hong Kong.

The premier said he is full of energy despite years of hard work. "I have no holidays, but I love taking a stroll and swimming when I have time to keep myself energetic,"he said.