Quotes from Hu's speech at 2nd BRIC summit

Updated: 2010-04-16 17:15
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BEIJING - Chinese President Hu Jintao has delivered a speech at the one-day summit of BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) in Brasilia, dwelling on China's peaceful development and urging closer cooperation among the BRIC nations.

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The following are some notable quotes selected from his speech:

"Our per capita GDP has just exceeded $3,000, trailing behind more than 100 countries ... It is truly a heavy task to grow the economy and improve people's livelihood in China." -- Chinese President Hu Jintao

"The scale and complexity of the challenges that we face in the course of development are unmatched anywhere else in the world and have been rarely seen in human history." -- Hu.

"We must make persistent efforts for a long time to come." -- Hu

"The Chinese people suffered so much in modern history, and we therefore value peace, stability, harmony and freedom more than anything else." -- Hu

"A prosperous and growing China dedicated to peace and cooperation is willing and able to make new and even greater contribution to mankind's pursuit of peace and development." -- Hu

"China pursues a win-win strategy of opening-up and seeks to promote common development of all countries through mutually-beneficial cooperation." -- Hu

"China has taken an active part in the international cooperation to counter the global financial crisis ever since it broke out. We have sent many trade and investment promotion missions and large procurement missions abroad." -- Hu

"We have canceled the debts owed by 49 heavily indebted poor countries and least developed countries and offered zero-tariff treatment to commodities from more than 40 least developed countries." -- Hu

"We achieved an 8.7 percent GDP growth and made important contribution to the world economic recovery."  -- Hu

"Quite the contrary, we have always placed high importance on achieving equilibrium in the balance of international payments in an effort to maintain macroeconomic stability." -- Hu

"Despite the tremendous difficulties caused by the global financial crisis, we have kept the RMB exchange rate basically stable and have thus made contribution to the stability of the international economic and financial systems." -- Hu

"BRIC cooperation now faces both valuable opportunities and severe challenges. We should set clear objectives for cooperation among the four countries and advance the BRIC cooperation process from a strategic height." -- Hu

"We should focus on practical cooperation and make our cooperation more dynamic through concrete actions. We should strengthen institutional building to support increased cooperation in broader areas. We should aim for mutual benefit by combining our respective strengths and sharing the fruits of cooperation to the fullest extent." -- Hu

"No matter how the international situation may evolve and what changes the international system may experience, we should remain firmly committed to the goal of mutual benefit, the principle of democracy and equity, the approach of mutual respect and the spirit of solidarity and cooperation." -- Hu

"The international community coordinated the 'entry' strategy in response to the financial crisis, and we must also act in coordination with respect to the 'exit' strategy and maintain the continuity and stability of macroeconomic policies." -- Hu

"It is important to achieve on schedule the quantified reform targets of international financial institutions set by the G20 Pittsburgh Summit and increase the representation and voice of emerging markets and developing countries." -- Hu

"The main parties to the Doha Round negotiations should demonstrate sincerity and flexibility to reach comprehensive and balanced outcomes at an early date and facilitate the establishment of an open and mutually-beneficial multilateral trade regime." -- Hu

"There should be supervision over the macroeconomic policies of major reserve currency issuing economies and over sovereign credit rating agencies." -- Hu

"It is important to scale up input in development and ensure development resources and at the same time respect each other's development model chosen in the light of national conditions and policy space." -- Hu