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Chinese aerospace delegation to visit Indonesia

Updated: 2010-10-12 15:09
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JAKARTA  - Chinese aerospace delegation will visit Indonesia on Wednesday to enhance cooperation on space technology between the two countries, a Chinese official said in Jakarta on Tuesday.

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During the visit on Oct 13-17, there would be several supporting events.

Liu Cheng, director of press department of China's Manned Space Engineering Program Office, told reporters that the visit is aimed to celebrate 60 years of diplomatic ties and Friendship Year between the two countries. "The visit is also very important for experience exchange in the field of aerospace. This will have a big effect to enhance our relationship," said Liu.

Toto Marnanto Kadri, head of Aerospace, Electronics and Technology Center at the Indonesia's National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), said that the visit could encourage Indonesians, especially youths who love aerospace technology, to learn more about the technology.

"It also could increase aerospace cooperation between the two countries," said Kadri.

Ratih Dewanti Dimyati, LAPAN director of Cooperation and Public Relation Bureau, said that this would be the first time for the Chinese aerospace delegation to visit Indonesia where they could share their experience.

The aerospace delegation will meet Minister of Research and Technology Suharna Surapranata and Chairman of LAPAN Adi Sadewo Salatun on Friday.

The delegation will also meet 500 high school students on Saturday. The Chinese delegation will consist of six people, in which two of them were former astronauts named Zhai Zhigang and Nie Haisheng.

Zhai was the prime crew on Shenzhou 7 and became the first Chinese astronaut to complete the spacewalk outside the craft on Sept 27, 2008.

Meanwhile, Nie was selected to be in the first group of 14 astronauts of China in 1998.  

Yuanwang 5, China's third generation ocean-going space tracking ship will also be presented before school students and public.

Yuanwang can carry out multiple missions such as tracking and controlling rockets and various kinds of spacecrafts.

After its delivery in September 2007, it has successfully accomplished such state-level missions as Shenzhou Spaceship and Chang'e Satellites.