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China urges India to fairly treat Chinese companies

Updated: 2010-07-09 17:03
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BEIJING - China on Friday urged India to treat Chinese companies fairly in regard to India's ban on purchases of telecom equipment from Chinese vendors.

"We have noticed the list and are making investigation. We hope India will provide a fair, open and transparent investment environment for Chinese companies," said Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming.

He was referring to a list of telecom equipment providers from whom Indian telecom operators are forbidden to buy on the grounds of national security concerns. The list includes 25 Chinese vendors, including Huawei and ZTE.

"We will investigate through normal channels between the two governments, and communicate and negotiate with the Indian side after making the facts clear," Chen said.

He said Indian authorities had assured the Chinese side that their new security regulations would be fair and transparent, and would not be discriminatory and unfair to Chinese companies. "We will wait and see," Chen said.

The minister also promised that China would strengthen communication with India to provide a sound investment environment for companies from the two countries.