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A divorce roller coaster within 7 days

By Nie Ligao (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2010-04-13 14:57
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A couple in east coastal Ningbo City allegedly set a Guinness record in terms of divorce frequency last year, according to a Youth Times report.

They got divorced 3 times and remarried twice within one week, due to some flaws in a divorce property division agreement.

The husband and wife registered to divorce the first time in the name of broken affection on the morning on July 14, 2009. However, they came to apply for remarriage in the afternoon that same day.

It’s said that the couple had one apartment with an estimated value of 2 million yuan($293,000), but the wife owed 1 million yuan as a result of business failure.

Thus a property division agreement was drawn which left the female debtor penniless. However, some inaccuracies in the agreement foiled the plot twice, and they had to remarry twice.

Finally, the duo got divorced and at the same time they received a summons from court. The debtee submitted a file claiming the couple deceived to divorce aiming at arrears evasion.

The dispute settled out of court at the end after the creditor got the money back.