Stabbing attack on Sichuan student lovers

By Huang Zhiling (
Updated: 2010-03-31 22:41
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CHENGDU - A female student has been killed and her boyfriend and another man injured during a frenzied stabbing attack at Sichuan University in Shuangliu county, Sichuan province.

Police said they detained Zeng Shijie, a sophomore at the university's public management school, after the attack at Jiang'an campus on Tuesday at about 9 pm.

It's alleged Zeng attacked Peng Dan, a sophomore majoring in traditional Chinese painting, and her boyfriend Zhang Guangwu, a junior majoring in environmental art, near the White Stone Bridge, which is far away from the busy campus.

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Surrounded by low hills and an artificial lake, the area is a favorite retreat for campus lovers. Tang Yuguo, a sophomore from the light textile and food school, was slightly injured after being attacked by Zeng after he attempted to intervene, according to the Chengdu municipal bureau of public security.

Zhang managed to subdue Zeng, but the student was severely injured as he attempted to bring the attacker under control, police said. Peng was rushed to the prestigious Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University but died due to excessive blood loss.

Zhang and Tang are in stable conditions in hospital and Zeng is being held for questioning, the bureau said.

Unconfirmed reports suggested that Zeng, who grew up in a single-parent family in the Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture in Sichuan, was Peng's ex-boyfriend.

Some students at the university believe Zeng stabbed Peng and her new boyfriend in revenge. However, university authorities said Zeng suffered from a mental illness and did not know the victims.

The Jiang'an campus was built in 2003 because the main campus of Sichuan University could not accommodate an increasing number of undergraduates.

It is located in Baijia town-ship in Shuangliu county and about 12.5 km away from the main campus. Students at the Jiang'an campus said it was not the first incident at White Stone Bridge.

The body of a female student, believed murdered, was found in the campus river in late 2009. Counselors gave students advice on protecting their safety at a general meeting on Wednesday.

"The counselor said there is no need for panic, but we should have someone with us if we are going to a remote place at night," said Shi Jing, a student leader at the foreign language school.

Zhang Ao contributed to the story