Earth Hour marked with rock’n’roll at university

By Uking Sun (
Updated: 2010-03-28 15:43
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Beijing: The cold night air didn’t stop the crowds of students cramming together to celebrate Earth Hour with rock ‘n’ roll at an university in Beijing Saturday night.

Although not many dormitory rooms responded to the 10-second countdown to switch off light at 8:30 pm, the dazzling sports stadium certainly went dark as the bravos echoed from the audience to the organizers’ words: “protect the earth and act on climate change”.

The open-air concert, organized by School of International Trade and Economics in University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), invited not only the popular university singers but also professional rock groups like Nanwu Band, who performed hits like “Don’t Forget Our Memory and Don’t Forget Our Dream.’

The concert also marked the end of Environmental Protection Week, during which photos of the latest sandstorm in north China were displayed in campus to promote environmental protection awareness.

Environmental activists also urged students to support the Earth Hour through a number of different ways. “Please help turn off the light when you find nobody in a classroom, please do not use more than one electric lamp when studying, please eat the ice cream in the refrigerator as it will melt…” a post published on the university’s website said.