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80 infected with AIDS in blood transfusions

Updated: 2010-01-20 11:56
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A hospital has confirmed that more than 80 people have been infected with HIV/AIDS from contaminated blood, Wuhan Morning Post reported Wednesday.

The patients were all given blood transfusions carrying the disease in a central China township between 1996 and 1997.

Some unknowingly passed the virus on to their spouses or children, bringing the total number infected above 100, Xu Chunyang, deputy dean of the No.2 Hospital in Daye, Hubei, told reporters Monday.

"Our hospital unwittingly gave contaminated blood to these patients," explained Xu.

Xu added that the contaminated blood came from farmers infected with HIV/AIDS who donated their blood for money in Henan province.

The hospital has been more than 8 million yuan ($1.17 million) in debt after making offers of compensation to the patients. The first to get compensation received a one-off payment of 190,000 yuan and a monthly allowance of 500 yuan.