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Netizens view on Rebiya Kadeer
Updated: 2009-07-10 14:55

The following are some selected posts submitted by China Daily website readers on their thinkings about Rebiya Kadeer was blamed as the mastermind of the Urumqi riots which left 156 people dead: 


Here are 4 facts about Rebiya Kadeer that I find interesting:

1. She had 11 children, which confirms that Uighurs were not subject to China's One Child Policy.

2. She was born to a family with no background. She started her business with a road side convenient store and worked her way to be THE richest person in the province of Xinjing. This proved Uighurs can earn their business success through hard work.

3. She was a senior member of the People's Congress of Xinjing, and a senior member of the National People's Congress of China. This shows Uighurs were not excluded from political life in China.

4. She was arrested because she provided funding to Eastern Turkestan and carried out activities in China following instructions from Eastern Turkestan. Eastern Turkestan is labeled as terrorist organization by most countries including the US, Russia, China, etc.


I could not understand how some quarters in the West including the American government and its Western allies in the EU could support and provide havens as well as facilities to Rebiya Kadeer and the WUC terrorists to operate LEGALLY from their countries. China must go on an offensive now to tell the whole world the truth about Rebiya and her terrorist cells operations in the West against China. China should also compile a list of names of those terrorists involved operating from US and other EU countries to probe into their status and terrorist activities. US must live up to its name as a credible country which is in the forefront on 'war of terrorism' and has had asked China for assistance and co-operations. UNCLE SAM, don't be evasive and run away from responsibility now!!

Jim Doyle

As an American I am angry that so many Americans support the terrorist activities of the World Uighurs and American Uighur organizations. It is also clear to me that the US Central Intelligence Agency is supporting the Uighurs and trying to create mischief. This is the same CIA now being accused of lying to the US Congress. Obviously the CIA is a "rogue" agency which is out of control. I read the online version of the "Washington Post" each day and have posted comments concerning the outrageous activities of Mrs. Rebiya and her organization. The US should not harbor terrorists organizations or give them a platform to spread discord. I suggested in one comment that if the US likes the Uighurs so much they should bring more of them to the US. That is something most Americans would oppose.


The riots and chaos were promoted and funded by "World Uygur Congress (WUR) and led by Rebiya Kadeer. Kadeer lives in the US." Her picture should be published in many newspapers, TV & websites at this time of such chaos created so that normal folks all over the world will recognize her in any shop, lane and street of the world with billion of Chinese eyes staring down upon her.

Wondering why Obama Admin and US folks are still harboring her and her clique in US soil while US and NATO folks are trying so hard to flush out terrorists around the globe, most recently shifted the warring focus to Afghan & Pakistan, after a disastrous defeat in Iraq as though ugly lessons are never learnt.


Rebiya was a typical terrorist which orchestrated the riot in Xingjiang uygur autonomous region .It was a secessionist activities and should be condemned. She wanted to instigate the independence and nominated as one of candidates in Noble Peace Price, and it was so ridiculous. The riot was not incidental and spontaneous, and was orchestrated.