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Beijing cabbies impose extra fee on fuel
Updated: 2009-11-25 17:14

BEIJING: Beijing's 66,000 taxis Wednesday started to charge a 1-yuan (14.6 US cents) fuel surcharge when the meter hits 3 km, according to municipal authorities.

The surcharge would almost offset the cost increase brought about by rising fuel prices, said taxi driver Cui Hongli.

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The taxi fuel surcharge is pegged with the price of benchmark No. 93 fuel. When it reaches 6.5 yuan to 7.1 yuan per liter, a surcharge of 1 yuan is adopted, according to a statement jointly issued by Beijing traffic, pricing, taxing and financing authorities.

The statement said taxi fees would rise if the fuel price goes higher, but without specifying the criterion of price rise.

The price of No. 93 fuel rose from 6.27 yuan per liter to 6.66 yuan per liter on November 10.

Taxi drivers have to give 1-yuan fuel surcharge receipts in addition to the standard receipts. The preparations for the receipts delayed the implementation of the surcharge until Wednesday, the statement said.

A notice on the fuel surcharge had been posted on each of Beijing's taxis since early Wednesday, it said.

"The prospect of paying 1 yuan more won't stop me from taking a taxi," said Beijing resident Wang Dan.