TV hit mirrors housing dilemma among urban youth

Updated: 2009-11-25 16:57

Professor Wang Fuzhong, of Beihang University finance department, blames the economic structure in which local governments profit greatly from the property industry, lessening their incentive to curb prices.

A survey by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress shows low-income home construction in 2009 was behind target with only 23.6 percent investment realized by the end of August. Government subsidized affordable homes are the main plank in efforts to curtail the rise prices.

The government is also encouraging young people to rent before they buy, and plans to build public rental housing to relieve the pressure.

But the popular concept of owning a home as a requirement for marriage is driving many young couples apart as the dream becomes unattainable.

Jin Danlei, 25, a native of eastern Jiangsu Province who stayed in Beijing after graduating from university, says, "My mother told me my would-be husband should buy an apartment, at least on a mortgage."

Others, like Yu, disagree. "Renting a room for the time being is okay for young couples. It takes time to improve our lives."

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