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Major traffic jam in central China
Updated: 2009-11-24 22:50

HUAIHUA, Hunan: Thousands of vehicles were jammed on a national expressway after a road accident in central China's Hunan Province Tuesday.

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A line of vehicles about 6 kilometers long zigzagged through the mountains in the rural area of Hunan's Huaihua City along the expressway that links Beijing and Zhuhai City of southern Guangdong Province.

"From 9:30 a.m to 6 p.m., I have moved only 200 meters forward, " said Bai Chungui, a driver from Shaanxi Province.

Peddlers are making full use of the opportunity to sell fried dough twists, which are usually priced less than one yuan (0.15 US dollars) each, at 10 yuan each.

Police have removed two vehicles that collided and caused the traffic jam.

A local traffic officer, who declined to be named, said they made an effort to remove the cars involved in the collision, but refused to comment on how the jam had become so serious.