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Global exchanges increase at int'l schools
Updated: 2009-11-24 17:58

The Zhifuxuan classroom of Langrun Garden at Peking University was full of laughter and festival atmosphere, and the "Belgium Cultural and Business Corner was unveiled with Belgian food, beers, snacks and music.

The "Belgium Cultural and Business Corner" on October 25, 2009, which was jointly sponsored by Peking University and BiMBA International Project Department, is one of the many activities focusing on "Belgian Culture".

Previously, BiMBA International Project Department has successfully held several international communication activities of this kind, in order to set up the mutual study platform for BiMBA's international students and Chinese students. By far, the "Belgium Cultural and Business Corner" has become an eye-catching event in Peking University.

On the basis of existing international platform, BiMBA continuously set up new projects to enhance its international advantage, which leads to the marketing of some commercial experience projects focusing on cultural promotion and cultural communication.

Economy & Culture

In 2005, BiMBA launched the "Business in China" Program, in order to provide overseas students with experience of doing business in China, as well as explore how the basic value of Chinese culture and history influences Chinese enterprises' commercial decision, strategic ideas, and management methods and how overseas enterprises meet challenge from the emerging Chinese market.

In the wake of being marketed, the project received two student teams from overseas business schools in current year, and the received teams in coming years continued increasing.

By the end of 2009, the "Business in China" Project totally received 1,500 person-time visitors, including these visitors from the West Point, the University of Chicago, the University of Texas, London School of Economics and Political Science, and ESADE.

Meanwhile, the visitor teams came not only from developed countries like Europe and America, but also from Asia and Africa. The growing visitors in "Business in China" Project should be attributed to the following reasons: first, overseas countries have more knowledge to the importance of the emerging Chinese market. Second, BiMBA provides visitors with unique experience of doing business in China. During the experience course, lots of trainees spoke highly of the project.

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