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Int'l education expands job hunting horizon
Updated: 2009-11-24 17:56

Susana Vajjlo, a student from South America, recently sent a letter of thanks to BiMBA Career Development Department, and she extended her gratitude to BiMBA because her study and experience here helps her find a good job.

During the study course in BiMBA, she frequently communicated with Chinese enterprises, which helped intensify her understanding and analysis to Chinese market. After backing to her motherland, she received warm welcome in employment market thanks to her experience in BiMBA and familiarity to the market.

BiMBA degree certificate, one of few domestic projects approved by three leading international business schools, facilitates international students to easily find matchable jobs in different countries'employment markets thanks to its high internationalised authentication level and standard.

In addition, BiMBA boasts consummated employment service and expansive employment opportunities, thus it ranks the leading place among its counterparts.

As to international students, they came to study MBA in China for diverse purposes, some for experiencing Chinese culture and Chinese living style through MBA study, some for shattering the bottleneck of the career development through study in BiMBA, and some for long-term development in China.

Thanks to the career direction and career planning by BiMBA, lots of international students leverage BiMBA resources and schoolfellow platform to find favourable jobs.

Global Resource and Chinese View

In training, BiMBA boasts domestic tiptop and internationalised trainer team, and it provides students with first-class internationalised training through integrating prominent trainer recourse in North America, Europe, and China.

Some trainers in BiMBA are professors from renowned business schools in North America (like Fordham University and Austin University) or from VLG Commercial Collage, BiMBA's European partner, and these full-time professors all received Ph. D degree in business schools, and their training and research cover all fields of management.

In addition, most of foreign professors are engaged in marking management counselling, and they enjoy profound theoretical knowledge and abundant practical experience, thus they are able to offer pragmatic enterprise management proposals to students.

Furthermore, Chinese professors in BiMBA once received education in economy and management, of which, 90% of Chinese professors returned from America and they have full knowledge to America's high education system and western countries' economy & management theory and education.

Also, Chinese professors in BiMBA have established stable relationship with lots of renowned scholars in the world, and these renowned scholars are frequently invited to BiMBA for communicating with the students.

Therefore, students can experience the charm of world-renowned masters in the school and appreciate the tiptop economy & management theories. It is noteworthy that VLG ranked the 10th place in latest ranking of European commercial colleges in 2009, which intensifies BiMBA project's competitiveness.

While focusing on internationalised training, BiMBA also introduces China's large social & systematic reformation to students, in order to help international students learn about China from the macro angle and enrich their knowledge to China's economic environment.

Such innovation mode receives warm welcome from MBA students (especially international colleges) since the beginning. In MBA courses of BiMBA, Regulatory Environment of Business in China (by Professor Zhou Qiren) and China's Economic Reformation and Development (by Professor Justin Yifu Lin) are most popular and welcome among students. Over past years, enterprises' requirements for leadership gradually improved, thus BiMBA invited Professor Yang, John Zhuang for the Leadership course, in order to train leaders with insightful vision and executive ability.

In addition, based on China's current economic environment, BiMBA invited Professor Yao Yang for the course China's Economic Development. The above two courses arouse fierce debate among BiMBA students by brand-new vision and practical cases.

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