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AMD Opteron won China Mobile server purchase
Updated: 2009-11-24 10:53

The Advanced Micro Device (AMD) emerged as a big winner in the recent 2009 sever purchase of China Mobile, as AMD Opteron-based servers account for more than 70 percent of the signed deals.

Those 2-way and 4-way systems will be provided by major sever manufacturers such as HP, IBM, Dell and Dawning.

"It's our pleasure that AMD Opteron-based servers account for a major share in China Mobile's 2009 server purchase," said Spencer Pan, vice president and general manager of OEM in China, AMD.

"In addition to AMD's unique Direct Connect Architecture and HyperTransport technology, AMD Opteron processors’ high performance, low power consumption, flexible scalability, as well as good price/quality ratio are all key factors in winning the favor of China Mobile."

With a highly-appraised architecture, AMD Opteron processors are believed to be providing network and telecom markets with high-performance, energy-efficient server system platforms.

For China Mobile, the world's largest wireless operator by subscribers, whether the servers' performance, scalability and stability can meet the demands of its various business applications will have direct impact on its operations and core competitiveness.

The selection of AMD Opteron-based servers seemed to indicate it believes those selected products could offer the best solutions, improving overall performance and reducing energy consumption. That may also suggested that China Mobile is establishing a new server acquisition strategy, which focuses more on overall performance and energy efficiency, industry analysts said.

Tests by China Mobile showed AMD Opteron-based servers excel in typical configurations that meet China Mobile's operation requirements, performing especially well in the database, web and other applications that China Mobile cares most.

The tests also displayed that these servers can enable the country's biggest mobile service provider to meet the needs of real world business application, and achieve good performance, best price/quality ratio with low energy consumption.

China Mobile's server acquisition came soon after it signed a voluntary agreement on energy conservation, promising to reduce its power consumption per business unit by 20 percent by the end of December 2012 from the 2008 level, thus saving electricity of 11.8 KWh. It hopes the AMD Opteron-based servers can help achieve this goal.

Coinciding with the China Mobile acquisition event, AMD released its product roadmap for the next two years which revealed that AMD will launch a series of new energy-efficient 8- to 12-core processors.

The company expects the new products to bring about unprecedented improvement in performance-per-watt for AMD Opteron processors, providing customers, including China Mobile, with new energy-efficient and emission-reduction solutions.