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Taiwan to recruit mainland students
Updated: 2009-11-18 16:21

Taiwan plans to recruit Chinese mainland college students to study in graduate schools by the end of next June, according Xinhua News Agency.

Universities and institutions in Taiwan will acknowledge mainland academic qualifications, but only to students from the "985 Project" colleges - referring to the 41 top universities on the Chinese mainland.

Mainland students can only apply for graduate studies at Taiwan's public universities, according to the report. Private education establishments, including vocational, undergraduate and graduate schools, also admit mainland students.

"After the opening policy, Taiwan's vocational schools and professional training colleges would be fully loaded," said Wu Ching-chi, Taiwan's "Minister of Education", quoted on Mainland students will be charged higher than Taiwanese, she said.

"The tuition differentiation system adopts from the US. Many universities in the US demand more tuition for students from other states for they don't tax in the local. It's out of the same thought why Taiwan's public universities only open their graduate schools to mainland students. The public schools receive a lot of contributions from Taiwan government each year, so Taiwanese should come first in admission," Wu was quoted in the article.

"Some people worried Taiwan's talents would go to the Chinese mainland, while the mainland students may not come to Taiwan. But I have confidence in Taiwan's Biotechnology, IT, photoelectricity, semiconductor and agriculture subjects whose advantages top one percent in the world," added Wu.