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Xi'an Subway Line 2 makes big strides
By Yuan Yue (China Daily Shaanxi Bureau)
Updated: 2009-10-26 14:13

Construction of Xi'an Subway Line 2, carried out by the Third Engineering Group of China Railway, has come a long way, as the left lane of the tunnel - from Daminggong West Station to Beida Street Station—reached completion on October 25.

"We have invested over 300 million yuan into this lane—that is the biggest amount among all the lanes," said Wang Xuejun, deputy general manager of the Third Engineering Group of China Railway. "Also, it runs the longest—3.7 kilometers of all the Line 2 tunnels."

Line 2 will take a north-south orientation and run 62.8 kilometers, carrying over 55% of public transport passengers on the roads above.

A substantial underground network would be a boon for Xi'an, as when finished, it will help alleviate transport pressure on the main roads in this ancient city.

Up to now, the double track tunnel between Convention & Exhibition Center Station and Zhangjiabao Station has been joined.

Line 2 is scheduled to open at the end of 2011.