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China jails 8 for protests over mystery death
Updated: 2009-10-18 13:16

WUHAN: A local court Saturday sentenced eight people to jail terms ranging from five years to two years and a half for disrupting public order in Shishou City, central China's Hubei Province, in June after the death of a chef.

Ten people stood on trial at the People's Court in Shishou Saturday. The court announced leniency to two of the accused by exempting them from criminal punishment.

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The eight sentenced people included cousin and brothers of 24-year-old Tu Yuangao, a chef whose body was found lying at the gate of the Yonglong Hotel in Shishou in the evening of June 17.

An autopsy and X-rays and tests for poisons carried out by experts from the Ministry of Public Security and Tongji Medical Institute showed Tu committed suicide.

The court found that Tu's cousin Tu Xiaoyu and brothers seeked compensation from the hotel, and stirred up the unrest by blocking traffic, which left 62 security guards and policemen injured, and 16 police vehicles damaged.

Tu Xiaoyu was held as principal in the unrest. She was sentenced to five years in prison.