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Ex-justice chief arrested for protecting gang
Updated: 2009-09-28 09:15

CHONGQING: Wen Qiang, former head of the judicial administrative bureau in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, has been arrested over allegedly providing a "protective umbrella" for local gangs, local authorities said Sunday.

Wen had been former vice Party chief of Chongqing's Public Security Bureau and became head of the Judicial Administrative Bureau in July, 2008.

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Wen was also suspected to be involved in rape, money laundering, disguising or concealing the proceeds of crime, illegally holding firearms, offering loans in high interests, forging official and enterprise seals, introducing women to prostitutions and taking huge bribes.

The local authorities also approved the arrest of Wen's complice Peng Changjian, deputy chief of the Chongqing's public security bureau.

Peng allegedly took 820,000 yuan (US$120,000) and 100,000 HK dollars (US$12,900) in bribes and offered assistance to illegal business operations.

Huang Daiqiang, Chen Tao, Zhao Liming and Li Hanbin, who were in charge of criminal police, economic crime investigation, and public security administration were arrested in connections with gangsters.

Chongqing launched a campaign three months ago targeting gangsters in the city.

Zhou Bo, spokesman with the municipal government of Chongqing said in the first 50 days, police eradicated 14 gangs and caught 19 organizers and more than 100 gangsters.