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Knife-wielding drunken man kills 2 in Beijing
Updated: 2009-09-18 13:06

BEIJING: The man who stabbed two people to death with a knife Thursday evening in downtown Beijing was confirmed to be drunken at that time, local police said Friday.

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The tragedy occurred at around 6:54 p.m. Thursday in Dashilan area of the city. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital and two security guards died later despite medical treatment, police sources said. The 14 injured are in stable conditions, the sources added.

The suspect, named Zhang Jianfei, was captured at the scene by police on patrol. He, 46, was a native of Jilin City of northeastern Jilin province.

The police sources said Zhang had created many disturbances under the influence of liquor in Jilin.

After the incident, the municipal government has dispatched armed police to patrol in major downtown areas of the city.

Further investigation is still underway.