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China asks world not to assist Kadeer's scheme
Updated: 2009-09-03 20:16

BEIJING: China Thursday said it hoped other countries would not provide a stage for or assist in any way Rebiya Kadeer's anti-China separatist activities.

"Rebiya Kadeer is a separatist and a criminal who has been sentenced according to law," said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu at a press conference.

Her comments came after a question on media reports of Kadeer's recent call for an independent investigation into the July 5 Urumqi riot.

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Jiang said that China hoped all other countries recognized Kadeer's true nature and not take any action harmful to China's interests, so as to maintain the overall situation of bilateral ties.

"Rebiya's rumors and malicious attacks on China's ethnic policy are everywhere," Jiang said, "Her accusations are not worth refuting."

The facts about the July 5 Urumqi riot were very clear, and the position of the Chinese government was explicit, she said. The Chinese government had handled the riot with openness and transparency.

No government in the world would disregard illegal and violent activities, Jiang said, adding the Chinese government had dealt with the  riot according to law and protected the security of the lives and property of its citizens.

The maintenance of social stability, ethnic solidarity and national unification was a just act, she said.

Jiang said such moves were China's internal affairs and "no foreign country or international organization has the right to interfere in China's internal affairs."