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Israeli dance group makes debut in China
By Liang Qiwen and Lu Shan (
Updated: 2009-07-28 23:31

GUANGZHOU: As the creator of the opening dance production of Guangdong Modern Dance Festival, which will last to Saturday, the Israeli-based Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater is developing its influence in China, said the director Yair Vardi.

Although new to the Chinese audience, Suzanne Dellal was inaugurated in 1989 and has become over years an essential part of the cultural life in Israel. Suzanne Dellal made its debut in China with The Monger, an internationally renowned dance, on Saturday.

However, the center’s communication with native Chinese artists can be dated back to three years ago, when five famous dancers from Beijing was invited to perform in Suzanne Dellal.

Visiting Guangzhou and opening the local dance festival, Suzanne Dellal is longing for more opportunities to get involved in the Sino-Israel cultural communication.

“For example, it would be exciting if we could cooperate with local dance companies to produce performances.” Vardi told China Daily.

The Monger won plenty of applause from Guangdong Modern Dance Festival. Suzanne Dellal made itself known to the Chinese audience. They are going to set their feet on lands of more countries. Rehearsing a new dance Rooster is also part of their plan.

According to Vardi, Suzanne Dellal serves the purpose of preserving classic Israeli dance, which is actually contemporary dance in consideration of the country’s relatively short history. Beyond that, Suzanne Dellal provides a platform for young dancers and choreographers to test and sharpen their skills.

“We can never know what would happen in the end. No matter what we will have, success or failure, those energetic young artists deserve a chance to be seen, instead of thinking solely about profit and market. Being a national theater, we are obliged to serve the community by opening the door to promising artists to make their dreams come true.” said Vardi.

Focusing on the art of dance, Suzanne Dellal hosts a few events in addition to its regular dance performances, including International Exposure – the Israeli dance stage for the world, Shades in Dance – a showcase of emerging Israeli choreographers, and varieties of workshops.

Vardi also pointed out that no line is existed between professionals and the general public in terms of appreciating dance. Suzanne Dellal welcomes everyone who is interested in dance to watch the artistic works. Consistently, Suzanne Dellal has attempted to expand the art of dance to every corner of Israel.

Speaking of himself, Vardi has willingly dedicated most of his life to dance, either as a dancer, or as a teacher, or as a director. He described himself a fortunate, because he started out as a dancer, and then found his way through the dance world as a teacher, state director and manager.

He referred to himself as one of few who manages to do “what he wants by how he wants in where he wants”, which showed his strong passion about dance to full display. He has been enjoying and looking forward to meeting new people, new creation, as well as new challenge.