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Expert: Xinjiang riot an act of terrorism
By Hou Lei (
Updated: 2009-07-09 16:42

The riot in Xinjiang's capital Urumqi, which killed more than 150 people and injured about 1,000, is an act of terrorism, an expert said Thursday, according to a local magazine in Beijing.

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Li Wei, a professor at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, said the Xinjiang riot was “completely different from other riots” triggered by ordinary mass incidents.

"In China as well as in foreign countries, the most prominent feature of riots triggered by ordinary mass incidents is property loss," Li said, adding: "However, in Xinjiang, more hoards of people were killed and injured," Li added.

"The human casualties show this incident is an organized, violent action against the public," he said.

Li said the Rebiya Kadeer-led World Uyghur Congress would have found ways to initiate the riots even if the fight in the factory in Shaoguan had not taken place.