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Chongqing admission office wants to 'ignore' exam cheats
By Hou Lei (
Updated: 2009-07-07 15:45

Authorities in southwest China's Chongqing municipality are refusing to publicize the names of the students who faked their ethnic identities for extra marks in last month's national college entrance examination, local media reported early Tuesday.

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Li Ping, head of the Comprehensive Department of the admission office in Chongqing, asked her subordinates to “ignore” media's demand of publicizing cheats' names.

A reporter heard Li's words when he tried to interview the official.

Later, Li told the reporter there was “no new information” worthy of publicity.

Beijing Youth Daily, a local newspaper in China's capital, reported it had uncovered the names of 24 out of the 31 students who had faked their ethnic identities.

Ni Shijun, a renowned Chinese lawyer, said he would initiate legal action against the admission office if it does not make the names public. “This issue is related to social stability and social justice,” he said.

Recent commentaries in the official People's Daily and Xinhua News Agency slammed the local admission office for refusing to divulge the names of the cheats.

The Ministry of Education recently reiterated its order that all provinces should publicize the names of students with additional points in the examination.

Earlier this month, the prestigious Peking University rejected one of Chongqing's top scorers in the exam for forging his ethnic identity for extra marks.