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FM: China strongly condemns attacks on its foreign missions
Updated: 2009-07-07 14:58

China strongly condemned the attacks on its foreign missions in Netherlands and Germany by "elements" of Eastern Turkestan and other unidentified people, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said on Tuesday.

"We urge Netherlands and Germany to abide by the relevant international convention and take measures to ensure the safety of Chinese diplomatic missions and institutions as well as the safety and dignity of Chinese diplomats," Qin told the regular briefing.

About 150 Xinjiang separatists supporters launched protests at the Chinese embassy in the Netherlands at 1 pm local time on July 6, with the demonstrations developing into organized violence, an announcement of the Chinese embassy said.

Earlier Monday morning, the Chinese consulate in Munich of Germany was hit by gasoline bombs by two unidentified young men, leaving the building and China's national flag damaged.

China's charge d'affaires Zhang Daxing is scheduled to lodge "solemn representations" over the incident to Dutch foreign minister Maxime Verhagen.

The latest violence came on the heels of the riots that broke out Sunday in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Separatists hurled stones and eggs at the embassy complex. A number of the protesters were also seen carrying knives and burning China's national flag at the scene. The mob tried climbing over the embassy fence but failed, according to the announcement.

Windows were shattered while the embassy's roof, walls and signboards were damaged.

The embassy said it had demanded that the Dutch Foreign Ministry and police tighten security around the area, but only a few police officers were at the scene when the violence broke out.

Local police later dispatched more officers and all the demonstrators were forced to leave at about 3:15 pm.

After China made representations with Netherlands and Germany, Qin said both countries had pledged to take effective measures to ensure the safety and dignity of Chinese diplomatic missions and staff.