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Another high scorer involved in ethnicity cheating
Updated: 2009-07-06 14:32

A student from Chongqing, southwest China who applied to Peking University was found lying about his ethnicity in order to receive 20 additional points on the college entrance exam, local media reported Monday.

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A local newspaper confirmed that Tian Zhong was among 31 students who were found lying about their ethnic identities. Tian had applied to the Peking University Health Science Center (PHUSC).

The director from the admission office of PHUSC told the newspaper that enrollment in Chongqing has not begun and they have yet to decide whether Tian will be rejected.

Last year, 17 of the 24 liberal arts students that Peking University enrolled in Chongqing had additional points on the examination.

Earlier this month, one of the top scorers in Chongqing was rejected by Peking University for changing his ethnic identity illegally.