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China denies protectionism allegations
Updated: 2009-06-18 20:00

BEIJING - China on Thursday rejected accusations that it practicing protectionism in its 4-trillion-yuan ($585 billion) stimulus package.

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Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang, at a regular press conference, denied accusations that an official document ordered government bodies to discriminate against foreign companies and ran counter to the commitment to oppose trade protectionism.

The National Development and Reform Commission issued the notice on June 1 to improve the supervision of tenders related to the stimulus package, said Qin.

"The purpose of issuing the notice is to ensure a fair and competitive market," Qin said.

He said the notice complied with China's government procurement law of 2002 and international common practice, and foreign enterprises and products would face no discrimination.

He said the government had all along taken an open strategy and pursued mutual benefit in cooperation with other countries.