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Would-be jumper gets 'helping' hand
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-05-23 10:23

GUANGZHOU: A bridge that has gained a reputation as a macabre tourist destination after attracting at least 12 would-be suicide jumpers since the start of April was the scene of a bizare incident this week in which a passerby pushed a man who was threatening to jump.

Would-be jumper gets 'helping' hand
A man named Chen Fuchao who threatened to kill himself on Thursday is pushed off Haizhu Bridge by a 66-year-old person,Lai Jiansheng in Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong province, May 22, 2009. [CFP]

The passerby was agitated by the fact that the would-be jumper had held up traffic around Haizhu Bridge for almost five hours.

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None of the 12 who threatened to jump has done so, although each has held up traffic for several hours.

In the latest case, a man named Chen Fuchao threatened to kill himself on Thursday after saying he was in 2 million yuan of debt following a failed construction project.

After being pushed off the bridge, Chen fell 8 m onto a partially-inflated emergency air cushion. The 66-year-old person who pushed him, Lai Jiansheng, had broken through a police cordon and climbed up to where Chen sat.

He greeted him with a handshake before pushing him off the bridge.

Chen damaged his spine and elbow in the fall.

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