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Hospital heads axed after Hep C infections
By Wang Zhuoqing (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-04-01 08:51

Twenty patients were infected with Hepatitis C during hemodialysis treatment at two hospitals in Shanxi province, the Ministry of Health said on Monday.

The infected patients are among 47 people who received hemodialysis at the Taiyuan Public Transportation Company's hospital and the Shanxi Coalmine Central Hospital, between December and January.

The heads of the two hospitals were held under investigation and those directly responsible for the incident were removed from their posts, Xinhua News Agency quoted the ministry's circular as saying.

The investigation was launched by the Shanxi provincial health department after six patients, who contracted the disease following treatment in the Taiyuan Public Transportation hospital, lodged a complaint on Feb 27.

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The ministry's circular says the hospitals violated rules for infection management and reuse of dialysis machines, which caused the infections.

The provincial and municipal health departments have halted operation of the hemodialysis centers at the two hospitals.

On March 15, the provincial health department issued a circular requiring all hemodialysis patients to take blood tests before proceeding with dialysis.

The latest Ministry of Health's circular urged medical institutions and hospitals at all levels to strengthen safety awareness and take effective measures in hemodialysis.

The ministry will adopt temporary checks nationwide on the management of hemodialysis centers.