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Revenge leads to 7 murders in Guizhou village: police
Updated: 2009-03-11 00:02

GUIYANG -- Police in southwest China's Guizhou Province said Tuesday the suspect who killed seven people in a village on March 1 was out for revenge.

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Suspect Hu Yunchao, 37, killed Luo Chaojiang and his wife, and another villager Zhou Caixue's family of five in Jiekui Village, Qianxi County, with an ax after he failed to reclaim his loan of 1,400 yuan ($205) to Luo and another loan of 500 yuan ($73) to Zhou.

Hu had often quarreled with his wife surnamed Luo. Hu harbored hatred for Luo Chaojiang as the latter's daughter called police when Hu beat his wife on January 24. Hu was then reprimanded for several hours in a local police station.

On March 1, Hu had a quarrel with his wife after drinking. Then he came to Luo and Zhou's houses to get back his loans, but failed. He then committed the murders.

He was seized in Cixi City of eastern Zhejiang Province on March 4.