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China sets fertilizer import tariff quota for 2009
Updated: 2009-01-30 15:06

BEIJING -- China set the import tariff quota for fertilizers this year at 13.65 million tonnes, said China's Ministry of Commerce on Friday.

The quota, under which the imported goods could enjoy favorable tarrif, included 3.3 million tonnes for carbamide, 6.9 million tonnes of diammonium phosphate and 3.45 million tonnes of compound fertilizer, the ministry said.

China has removed all government control over fertilizer prices starting on January 25, leaving the prices of domestically produced fertilizers and all fertilizer imports except potash fertilizers to be decided by the market.

China used to ask fertilizer producers and retailers to get approval for price increases and exercised controls on the extent of price increases in 2004, in order to stabilize soaring prices at that time to protect farmers.