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Trams back in Beijing
Updated: 2009-01-05 19:08

Forty-two years after trams disappeared from Beijing's Qianmen Street, they're back. And crowds of curious people turned up to see the return of what old Beijingers used to call the 'dang-dang che'. The new carriages have been put to use as sightseeing cars.

Trams were first introduced to Beijing in 1924, running from Qianmen in the city centre to Xizhimen, in the city's west. In 1966, they were officially abandoned as an outdated means of public transportation.

The two new trams have been designed and produced based on old pictures. From the exterior to the interior decoration, the trams have been strictly replicated. Mainly serving visitors along Qianmen's pedestrian street, each can accommodate up to eighty passengers.

For those not living nearby there are of course other options. And, elsewhere in Beijing, there's good news for senior citizens. From the start of the year, passengers over 65 years of age can take the bus for free.