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Chinese schools to include ethnic harmony courses
Updated: 2008-12-16 06:32

BEIJING - Chinese primary and middle schools will include regular courses about ethnic harmony, said the Ministry of Education here Monday.

Students in primary and junior middle schools should have 10 to 12 school hours of ethnic harmony courses every year and those in high school should have eight to 14 school hours, according to a guideline issued at the ministry official website.

Besides teaching at class rooms, schools are also encouraged to organize kids to visit museums and cultural relics that are related to this topic, the document wrote.

The education aimed to enhance students' awareness of promoting ethnic harmony, safeguarding the unity of the country and fighting against secessionist activities, it wrote.

The guideline set clear learning target for kids of different age. Students in the third and fourth grade of primary school (nine to ten years old) should develop a general concept of ethnic harmony. Those at the fifth and sixth grade should know clearly what behavior is good for ethnic harmony and what is not and develop a basic understanding of the importance to promote ethnic harmony, safeguard the unity of the country and fight against secessionist activities.

As for students in junior middle school (seventh to eighth grade), the government policies of ethnic minorities will be introduced and, in high schools, students will learn some theories about the country ethnic issues.

The guideline also said that text books, video and audio programs about ethnic issues will be banned from the courses before authorized by the ministry.