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Liaoning opens new info gateway
Updated: 2008-11-06 15:50

The Liaoning government web portal,, has now been launched with a brand new face, designed to be the gateway to the province.

Northeast China is not so well known overseas and the astonishing growth of the region, and of cities such as Dalian and Shenyang, has been nothing short of a miraculous transformation.

This new gateway concept allows the portal to become the entry-point for overseas visitors to discover the hidden wealth of culture and ultra-modern sophistication of the new economic development. The portal is a mix of rich history and dynamic future. It features the famous Qing Dynasty palaces, tombs and infrastructure through to the opening of ultra-modern subways, aquariums, under-river road tunnels and towering glass skyscrapers.

Liaoning is proud of its economic and ecological transformation, from the old-industrial base to the new economic powerhouse. In fact, Liaoning is predicting its future by inventing it! Old polluting industries have been closed, smoke stacks torn down and replaced with leading edge technology. And everyone is proud of the accomplishments. It's blue sky country now! The business section features the “five points in one line”, being the rapid development of the port cities, through to all the economic development zones, rules, regulations and guidance for success in Liaoning.

Restaurants, flavors, foods, fashion and the largest clothing markets in the Northeast are featured, such as Wu Ai Market. The famous San Hao Jia is shown, being the mega attraction street for buying electronics. Tourists sights are featured, such as zoos, parks, botanical gardens. There is also a downloadable business policies section, free business newsletters, articles and much free advice.

Liaoning Province is now being discovered by the world and even the famous Frankfurt Exchange (Deutsche Borse) from Germany is featured in a recently held IPO seminar in Shenyang, along with stories of the huge $2.5 billion investment into a chip wafer plant by Intel, the manufacturing of Cessna aircraft and the BMW plant in Shenyang.

The gateway to Northeast China is now opened for business, relaxation, tourism and fun.