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Police scramble to find bus explosion clues in W. China
Updated: 2008-07-26 16:21

KUNMING - Five days after a pair of fatal bus explosions, police in Kunming, a city in southwest China's Yunnan Province, are struggling to find clues about the mysterious blasts.

The explosions occurred on two Route 54 buses during the morning rush hour in Kunming, the provincial capital, on Monday, leaving two dead and 14 injured.

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One blast occurred at Panjiawan bus stop on West Renmin Road at 7:10 a.m., while the other took place at the intersection of Changyuan Road and West Renmin Road at 8:05 a.m. as the bus was about to reach its final stop at the Minshan area.

On Wednesday, the local security authorities in Kunming on tripled the reward offer to 300,000 yuan (about US$43,500) for information that could help to solve the two blasts.

No helpful information been proffered so far.

The manhunt for the perpetrator(s), however, is still ongoing.

Victims who were hospitalized for injury in the explosions were taken to the sites of the blasts on Friday by police hoping to jog their memory for useful information.

Among them was Han Xianming, the fiance of Wang Dezhi who was killed in the explosion at Panjiawan bus stop, according to a report posted on

Han, also identified as Han Guangming in other news items run previously, said he and the others injured were led onto an empty bus parked in an open space at Minshan. They were told to be seated just as they were before the blast, trying hard to remember faces getting on and off the bus. Police officers were taking notes of what they said.

"Give me one yuan change, later on I can pay the fare easily" was the last words Han remembered Wang uttering before her death.

Wang sat in a seat opposite Han after getting on the bus. Han changed to another seat after its occupant got off. "The explosion went off within less than 10 seconds after I had sat down," Han recalled.

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