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Rubber plant growers' unrest under investigation
Updated: 2008-07-21 07:09

KUNMING -- Authorities in southwest China's Yunnan Province are probing the rubber plant growers' clash on Saturday with police in which two people died and dozens were injured.

Yunnan's Communist Party deputy chief Li Jiheng flew to Menglian County Sunday afternoon by helicopter to handle the incident.

Li ordered a quick investigation into the death cause of two people and publicity of the results.

Police were attacked by around 500 rubber farmers with knives, steel tubes and bars when they were attempting to arrest five suspects in a social security raid in Mengma Town.

Forty-one policemen were injured and eight police cars damaged. Police had to use riot guns for self-defense. Fifteen farmers were injured and two died.

The unrest was initially caused by the interests disputes between rubber farmers and a local rubber company. Farmers said the private company infringed their interests and thus attacked the company many times.

Police were trying to arrest the five key people in the company attacks but were attacked by the farmers.