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China rejects Bush's 'religion freedom' remarks
Updated: 2008-07-16 20:32

BEIJING  -- Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao on Wednesday rejected US President George W. Bush's remarks concerning religion freedom in China, urging the United States to view China's religious condition with a just and objective attitude.

"China is a country under the rule of law, and the Chinese government protects its citizens' freedom of religious belief according to law, and Chinese citizens enjoy full freedom of religious belief protected by law," Liu said.

Liu's remarks came in response to a question concerning the US President's speech on Monday at the ceremony of the 10th anniversary of the American International Religious Freedom Act.

"Meanwhile, what needs to be stressed is that people are all equals in  the eyes of the law. Anyone's speech or behavior should not violate the country's law nor imperil the state security and social stability," Liu said.

"We urged the United States to discard bias and view the religious situation in China with a just and objective attitude, and stop interfering in China's internal affairs under the pretext of relevant issues," Liu said.